Top biker rallies


Every year many thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts participate in biker rallies located all over the United States and around the world. Bike rallies have turned into some of the country’s wildest party spots, perfect for mingling with other bikers, ride, and enjoy a good time. If you’re planning a motorcycle trip, here are a few great biker destinations. Not all are considered “bike rallies”, but they are all a great time for motorcyclists.
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One of the oldest and largest motorcycle festivals in the United States, Laconia Motorcycle Week takes place annually at Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire. Laconia Motorcycle Week attracts between 300,000 and 400,000 bikers from all over the world who attend the weeklong event. You will find camping, vendors, racing, and a lot more at Laconia Motorcycle Week! In 2008 Laconia Motorcycle Weeb marked it’s 85th anniversary!
Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is an iconic annual event attracting from 450,000 to 800,000 riders. Sturgis has gone from cult culture to mainstream. Bikers flock to the hills of Sturgis, South Dakoka for a 10-day motorcycle festival which takes place every August. The Sturgis Motorcycle rally started out nearly 70 years ago as a small motorcycle race and has evolved into an incredible motorcycle event, attracting the greatest customs builders, clubs, and rides bikers love. Find camping and entertainment you won’t want to miss at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally!3. DAYTONA BIKE WEEKDaytona Bike Week is a big celebration, with many bikers flocking here to get away from the cold winter. Sunny Daytona, Florida puts on one of the earliest motorcycle festivals of the year and attracts roughly 500,000 bikers annually. Daytona Bike Week includes races at the Daytona International Speedway, motorcycle displays, merchandise vendors, of course some crazy parties, great food, a lot of fun, camping, and entertainment. Daytone Bike Week sees dozens of couples get married on the beach during the Daytona Bike Festival every year!



Harley-Davidson riders love the “out west” and they love riding along the banks of the Colorado River. The Laughlin River Run is the motorcycle destination for many Harley riders. The motorcycle festival includes concerts, a great motorcycle show, games, and several bike rides designed to support major charities such as the Easter Seals, Boys & Girls Clubs, and the Susan G. Komen Brest Cancer Foundation. At Laughlin River Run, ladies are especially welcome and even more so if they’re riding their own motorcyles!

5. THE ROCK STORE Biker’s Destination

The Rock Store is not really a festival, at least not in the tradtional sense. It’s a year round destination for bikers. The Rock Store is located in Los Angeles, California. A ride to The Rock Store requires a trip through the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains. Almost every biker in the area knows The Rock Store, including some famous folks like Jay Leno. Make this a destination if you’re riding in this direction.

6. GIRL POWER RUN Motorcycle Ride

The Girl Power Run takes place in San Francisco, California annually and is for girls only! The event is sponsored by the Devil Dolls. This is ashort, three-hour ride designed to give biker girls a chance to bond, ride and enjoy themselves without the guys. The Devil Dolls is one of the most well known female bike clubs out there, while there are certainly others. All-women biker clubs have been around since the 1940′s, although not as well known as some of the notorious biker clubs get so much of the attention. Later in the event, the girls let the guys join in on the fun for contests and food!

7. ROUTE 66

Route 66 isn’t a motorcycle rally or festival, although it does make agreat ride. Route 66 goes from Chicago, Illinois all the way to Santa Monica, California. The route includes Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. The American Motorcycle Association (AMA) puts on regular motorcycle tours along Route 66, allowing you to ride and enjoy some of the country’s most beautiful and historic scenery without worrying about the route you’ll take or where you’ll be able to stop to eat and sleep. Route 66 attracts all types of travellers, from bikers to folks driving their 67 Ford Mustang. If you want to do route 66 but don’t have a bike or can’t get yours to Chicago, you can rent a motorcycle in Chicago for the trip.